Selfie STL, LLC

Green Screen - How it works!

Stand in front of the green screen, select your background, take your photo, and you are instantly superimposed!


Our green screen background allows for any image to be turned into the background of your photos.  Lets turn it up a notch.... this station allows you to choose 6 images as background options for your guests to have fun with.  You can't decide if you'd rather picture your guests sipping Pina Colada's in the Caribbean, riding sled dogs in Alaska, or photo bombing you at your destination wedding? No problem, have them all! 

After booking, we will start working on the perfect backgrounds matching your theme.  You are welcome to send us your personal photos to use and/or we will send you some options for your approval.  Why use the same backdrop and props we've all seen if you are having a themed or custom event?  Make yours unforgettable!