Standard 4x6

GIF's via email and text (no additional charge)

Green Screen technology (no additional charge)

1 shot horizontal

3 shot

Selfie STL, LLC

3 shot vertical

4 shot

Standard Photo Strips

3 shot vertical 

4 shot horizontal

Template Options

2 shot horizontal

You can select the number of shots your guests take and the size of the printout they get on site.  The photo strips and standard 4x6 options are no additional charge. All monster sized photos are an extra charge. The templates below are just examples. We work to customize a template for each event at no additional charge.   

3 shot horizontal​

GIF's when using Green Screen technology (no additional charge)                  


(additional charge)

The selfie station can create more than just pictures; it can create an experience.  We can create an animated background, an animated overlay, or both!  Your guests can upload their video instantly to social media and print their photo.